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The Pebbles Farm is a family run smallholding specialising in Pigs and Poultry.  Our venture started some 5 years ago when our children wanted to rescue hens from a 'battery' farm. After initially having just 5 hens, it has expanded into a slightly more populated smallholding with over 25 chickens and so far 7 pigs. With the added family pet rabbit.  

Our children being a huge part of how and why this works, and being able to continue our journey with them learning along the way, plays a massive role in why we do this.  They are growing up to understand the in's and outs' of raising animals for breeding and for meat and to also take on board what is involved in the upkeep of a smallholding. We all respect the entire venture and don't take any of it for granted. It doesn't come easy and we work extremely hard to get what we've got but we appreciate everything.

Our animals are treated very well and fed on a great diet of fresh fruit and vegetables daily as well as their staple grain, pellets and nuts.  Frequently vet checked, our Pigs and Chickens are all very healthy and loved like they're pets, allowing us to tend to them if need be and often groom them too.

With us being quite a large family we all take on roles within the yard to help things pan out as smooth as possible.  Our daily routine does slightly change but never too different from any other day.  There is always something to occupy us, whether it be a chicken thats gone into the neighbours garden, or a pig that's escaped into the next field, our days are always busy and we more often than not, forget to have a cuppa.  We love it like this, and with all the mucking out and cleaning up, being a main focus of our daily routine, we always find time at the end of the day to sit around the dinner table as a family to discuss the days events.

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